Ventilator Disinfection Treasure Home Ventilator Anti-Snoring Device Disinfection Ozone Sterilizer

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Material: PE

Applicable Scene: Ventilator Cleaning

Specifications: C696S+Data cable+pipeline adapter

Size: 127*66*43mm

Battery: rechargeable 2000mAh lithium battery




Press the power button, the machine does not turn on: Connect the charger to charge.

The charging indicator light is off: Please check if the adapter is connected properly

No alarm sound and the machine stops working: Connect the charger to charge.

After charging, the button does not turn on: Please check that the charging connection is normal and still cannot turn on, send it for repair.

After the machine is turned on, it will not stop automatically: restart the machine, and send it for repair repeatedly


Ozone free                        

1. There is no response to the button, and the fan does not rotate. Check whether there is no electricity and need to be charged.

2. Check whether the switch is pressed to the working state to restart.

3. The fan rotates, the indicator light is on, send it for repair

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